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The Blue Chequered Harlequin

Talent is not talent until an
important person recognizes it.

There is an animated short film of this story soon to be available on DVD. It is currently being submitted to film festivals. You may watch the trailer on YouTube. Just follow this link:

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Today's Man

Collection of sci-fi short stories
illustrating man's need for simplicity
in an increasingly fast-paced and high-tech world.

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A Hero and a Great Man

Greatness is inspired by the unsung.
Two men with radically
different personalities struggle
to save a town.
Who will be the hero?

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Kittens in the Kitchen

King Leo the Bold catches a
prize fish and holds a contest
to determine who will cook it.


The Little Archer

A spoiled brat gets a lesson in humility, appreciation, and life's values.
(Coming soon!!!)