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Easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1
Blank page.
Feed blank page into the printer.
Print with Page Range as 1.

Step 2
Front of pinted page with arrow indicating how to feed into printer.
Feed printed page back into the printer.
     (face up as shown above)
Print with Page Range as 2.

Step 3
Front and back of printed page.
Front and back should look like this. Fold the page in half. Your done!

Detailed Instructions

Step 1

Get some 8 1/2 x 11 card stock suitable for a laser printer, ink jet printer, or multi-function (printer, copier, fax).

Make sure it is light enough to easily roll through your printer. (110lb is perfect for inkjet printers)

You may want to print your greeding card on common printer paper first to test it.

Feed a sheet into your printer and print ONLY the first page. Be careful as MS-Word and Adobe Acrobat print ALL pages by default. Go into your print settings and select the first page before printing. Do this by looking at the Page Range in your Print dialog box (should look pretty much the same for both MS-Word and Acrobat). The All radio button is usually selected for you (by default). Click the radio button labeled Pages and enter 1 in the field next to it.

Print dialog box with 1 entered as Page range.

Now if you click the OK button at the bottom of the Print dialog box, it should only print the first page.

How does the printed page look? If you fold it in half, does the image cover one side without bleed over the fold? Does it look centered? The templates have been tested and should print perfectly everytime. If, by chance it doesn't look right to you, you may adjust your image in MS-Word print it again until you are satisfied audemars piguet royal oak offshore replica . (Note - you cannot edit the Adobe PDF version.)

Step 2

If it looks good to you, feed the paper back into the printer (face up as shown).

Prepare to Print again. This time enter 2 in the Page Range as described in the previous step.

Print dialog box with 1 entered as Page range.

Step 3

The paper should be printed on both sides now as shown on the left below.

Fold it in half. The front should look as shown on the right below. Your done!

Printed page with line indicating where to fold.
Fold printed paper in half.
How finished card shook look when folded.
Front of finished card should look like this when you are done. Once folded, your card will fit nicely into any 5 3/4" x 8 3/4" greeting card envelope (Also known as A9 envelopes). You can buy them at any store that sells envelopes.