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The Omega Seamaster fake Split Escapement is one of MB&F’s most technical timepieces. Originally presented in 2017 and featuring a bespoke movement developed by Stephen McDonnell, the watch proposes a new architecture where the balance wheel and its hairspring —the regulating organ of the watch— is located away from the main mechanical system, namely the mainplate with the gear train and the power supply system, contrary to the watchmaker’s canons that suggest proximity of the components to improve stability and minimize interference with isochronism such as air and vibrations. The distance between the balance wheel and the impulse pallet on the other side of the plate reaches 11.78 mm, the length of the axis that pierces the movement and projects through the dial to support the oscillator. The balance wheel’s inertia and shaft stiffness are key factors in this delicate equation and the LM SE’s mechanics have been precisely designed and calibrated to ensure its integrity. Despite the technical challenges, the mechanism of the Split Escapement favors a refined aesthetic, enhanced by the play of symmetries and proportions that follow the lines that characterize each tissot replica .

The canvas —the large surface of the mainplate, which also serves as the dial— was always there to be taken advantage of. The LM Split Escapement offers a huge surface where an ingenious artist such as Jaquet can reproduce a number of ideas. As mentioned, the inspiration came from Jules Verne himself and his fantastic works.

During the documentation phase prior to the conception of the series, Jaquet read a number of Jules Verne books by the 19th century French author. To imagine the illustrations that would become the works, Jaquet sketched his own original ideas on stencils of the dials depicting important scenes of each story, sometimes combining several scenes in a single dial as a narrative graphic tapestry. In a way, Jaquet might have lovingly reimagined some of Verne’s passages.

The eight Jules Verne stories illustrated in this limited-edition LM SE series are Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, From the Earth to the Moon, Around the World in Eighty Days, Five Weeks in a Balloon, The Adventures of Captain Hatteras, Journey to the Center of the Earth,omega speedmaster replica watches Michael Strogoff, and Robur the Conqueror. All of Jaquet’s illustrations are original, that is, the artist created the illustrations based on his experience in reading the works, with not one original scene lifted from Verne’s works.


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